Tablet Surface Erosion

Tablet surfaces erode as tablets tumble during the coating process. Problem is compounded by the presence of a logo.

Tablet Core Tablet robustness (friability) is not optimal for a stressful process such as film coating.
  • Consider reformulating core (e.g., addition of a more plastic binder such as hydroxypropyl cellulose) to reduce friability and increase robustness. Learn more.
  • Increase compaction forces to reduce tablet friability.
Punch design unsuitable for purpose.
  • Change punch design to reduce curvature on upper and lower faces in order to minimize surface erosion. Learn more.
  • Change design and/or placement of logo to minimize surface erosion. Learn more.
Tablets absorb too much water during coating application, causing surfaces to become softer and less erosion resistant.
  • Reduce use of excipients (such as microcrystalline cellulose) that have high water absorption capacity and thus increase softness of tablet surfaces.
Coating Formulation Formulation has insufficient film strength to provide resistance to edge damage.
  • Consult with Ashland to select an Aquarius™ film coating system with increased mechanical strength and/or increased film flexibility.
Coating cannot be applied fast enough to allow coating buildup to protect edges.
  • Consult with Ashland to select an Aquarius film coating system that can be sprayed at higher solids.
Coating Process Pan speed too high, causing increased edge wear.
  • Reduce pan speed.
Spray rate is too low, so coating does not build up fast enough. Learn more.
  • Increase spray rate.