Tablet Breakage

Tablets break apart. This can happen during pan loading, during the coating process, or during unloading of the coating pan.

Tablet Core Tablets are not robust enough for exposure to a film coating process.
  • Consider reformulating core (e.g., addition of a more plastic binder such as hydroxypropyl cellulose) to increase robustness, and minimize capping problems. Learn more.
  • Increase compaction forces to improve tablet robustness.
  • If capping/lamination is a primary issue, and reformulation is not an option, consider reducing compaction forces below the capping threshold. Learn more.
  • Reduce press speeds to improve core robustness, and implement, or increase, precompression.
  • Consider changing tablet shape to minimize sensitivity to attritional effects.
Coating Process Excessive attritional effects.
  • Reduce pan speed.
  • Increase tablet charge to achieve optimal loading.
Coating is not applied fast enough to provide protection for tablets.
  • Increase spray rate.
  • Consult with Ashland to select an Aquarius™ film coating system that is capable of being sprayed at higher solids.
Tablet breakage occurs primarily during loading and emptying the coating pan.
  • Investigate loading and unloading procedures to identify opportunities for reducing, or minimizing, tablet breakage during these operations.
Baffles are causing excessive damage to tablets.
  • Consult with equipment vendor to see if an alternative baffle design is available.