Excessive Tablet-to-Tablet Color Variability

Visible differences in color, tablet-to-tablet, are readily apparent.

Coating Formulation Inadequate hiding power. Learn more.
  • Consult with Ashland to select an Aquarius™ film coating formulation with increased hiding power.
Coating Process Inadequate uniformity of coating distribution. Learn more.
  • Increase pan speed to increase the number of passes through the spray zone.
  • Increase the number of spray guns to expand the spray zone and give better surface coverage.
  • Optimize pan loading to make sure the tablets are tumbling effectively, with no intermittent stalling of the tablet bed, and to ensure that a consistent gun-to-bed distance is maintained.
  • Balance spray rates and drying conditions to ensure that coating process efficiency is as high as possible; ideally >95%.
  • Reduce coating solids to facilitate more even coating distribution.
  • Increase the amount of coating applied to allow better and more consistent tablet coverage.
  • Ensure that spray gun setup has been optimized so that there is no mis-spraying, that all spray guns are spraying at the same rate, and that each is providing the same area of coverage over the tablet bed surface.
  • Consult with equipment vendor to ensure that optimum baffle design is being employed to achieve effective mixing within the coating pan.